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The Mind of Evil

The Doctor and Jo pay a visit to Stangmoor Prison to witness a test of a revolutionary new device that promises to reform criminals permanently by entirely extracting the evil impulses from their brains. But in this case, the test subject – a hardened convict named Barnham – is not only relieved of the darkness […]

Dragon’s Domain

Tony Cellini, a member of the Moonbase Alpha crew, suffers from recurring visions that he is under attack. But on this occasion, he finds an axe imbedded in one of the walls of his quarters, convincing him that the attack was real. Cellini is soon detected breaking into one of the Eagle launch pads, and […]

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Pyramids of Mars

In 1910, Egyptologist Marcus Scarman makes his greatest find ever – a crypt said to be the tomb of the god Sutekh. It is also Scarman’s last find. His life as he has known it ends and his body becomes an obedient servant to the still very-much-alive Egyptian god Sutekh, in fact an alien consciousness […]


Avon and Dayna are interrogated by the Federation officers, who are under the command of Del Tarrant. Avon, using the pseudonym Chevron, fakes an attempt to draw a concealed weapon and is knocked out by Tarrant. Dayna attacks with the same end result, and both are locked into a cabin. As soon as they manage […]

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The Empire Strikes Back
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In the wake of their destruction of the Death Star, the Rebels are forced even further into hiding by the Empire’s relentless pursuit, especially now that Darth Vader has learned the identity of the Rebel pilot who toppled the Empire’s mighty space station. Luke Skywalker, while investigating a meteorite which has just crashed near the […]

Episode 4

Gervase is taken back to Prior Mordrin’s compound for indoctrination into the Knights of God. But Mordrin has special plans for Gervase: not only will he begin training in the Knights’ officer corps, but he will be drugged and subjected to deep hypnosis to ensure his loyalty. Mordrin also takes the opportunity to plant another […]

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Episode 13

Julia is barely able to stop Gervase from committing suicide (per Mordrin’s conditioning), though what breaks that conditioning is Julia accidentally putting her own life at risk. Gervase saves her, and with the aid of the monks, they set out for Anglia to put Gervase on the throne. Somehow aware that Gervase’s conditioning has been […]

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In the year 3034, humanity has eliminated emotions and irrationality, and has set out to rid the universe of other species who refuse to similarly quash their emotions. The human fleet, led by Captain Belinda Blowhard of the Dreadnaught Nemesis, fights a pitched battle against the Reptids that doesn’t go well. A new tactic is […]

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No Exit

In the wake of the Zarek/Gaeta mutiny, the first priority aboard Galactica is trying to patch up the scores of wounded – and preparing to bury the scores of the dead. Among the wounded is Sam Anders, shot in the back of the head during his own jailbreak; when he recovers from his surgery, he […]