Hello Queppu

Commander Henderson is assigned to open diplomatic relations with an alien race called the Queppu, primarily so the Tesco retail chain can extend its reach across the galaxy. Henderson takes Teal and York with him, insisting that York leave the heavy weaponry on the Camden Lock, but when the Queppu reveal their primitive, warlike tendencies, […]

Weekend Off

Junior bridge officer Vine obsesses over an online auction for a nearly-uninhabitable planet with almost no mineral value, no life forms, and no precious resources. The source of his obsession is not the planet itself, but the fact that Vine’s longtime auction rival is bidding on the same planet, and he sees an opportunity to […]


The Camden Lock is sent to play host to representatives from two warring races who stand at the brink of war over the ownership of a mineral-rich asteroid. Henderson is advised to wait for a third ship – full of American mediators – to handle the delicate negotiations. Determined to show that his British ship […]


During a joint British/Danish drug blockade, an unidentified ship wanders into the Camden Lock’s search area. But it’s no drug runner – it’s legendary experimental solar sail pilot Clare Winchester, who has been out of contact with the rest of the human race for quite some time. Henderson wants to be the first human to […]


As the crew is distracted by mandatory psychological assessment tests, the Camden Lock strays into contested space, where automatic defense systems wreak serious damage on Henderson’s ship. He is to submit to a Category “J” inspection in a week’s time, an inspection which has ended many a space captain’s career. Henderson retreats to his quarters […]

Green Javelins

Commander Henderson has big news for the crew of the Camden Lock – due to the destruction of another ship, they have secured a place in the Green Javelins, a stunt-flying squadron of starships showcasing Britain’s finest spaceship builders and crews. What Henderson doesn’t know is that his ship is only filling in for one […]


The discovery of an artefact in deep space stirs irresistible curiosity in the crew (except for York, who warns that it is almost certainly a hero trap). After deciphering alien writing on the object, Henderson decides to take it “home”…which turns out to be a planet ruled by the Queppu race. There are cameras installed […]

Admiral’s Daughter

The Camden Lock is dispatched to retrieve the wayward daughter of an Earth admiral, which Teal, York and Vine manage to do in a somewhat clumsy undercover operation. Vine is a bit smitten with the girl, and once he meets her, so is Jeffers. But the admiral’s daughter has such an utter disdain for anything […]


An incident during the arrest of an alien goes viral on the news, making the Camden Lock crew, especially York, look thuggish and unsavory. Henderson is left with no choice but to relieve York of duty and put the ship on a heading for the nearest Starbase, where York will disembark in disgrace. Teal is […]


A routine inspection of a ship in deep space puts Henderson in possession of a forbidden device known as a dreamgate, enabling its user to experience the dreams of others. While Henderson and York both know the dreamgate should be destroyed to prevent its misuse, they proceed to misuse it to peek into the others’ […]


The Camden Lock joins a convoy to escort a British-built space superweapon to a classified location. Henderson naturally takes the opportunity to flirt with the female commanders of the other two ships in the convoy, and with his attention on that matter, the Scrane’s sudden overwhelming attack to seize the weapon for themselves comes as […]


A chance run-in with a particularly nasty breed of simulants called exponoids becomes a momentary hostage crisis. Lister has to trade a piece of arcane time travel technology – which has been propping up Starbug’s pool table – to get Rimmer back. But once armed with time travel, the exponoids go back in time to […]

The Daleks’ Masterplan

As Space Security Agent Bret Vyon and a fatalistic colleague search for their missing comrade Marc Cory on the planet Kembel, little do they realize they’re about to become the first witnesses to the beginning of a Dalek invasion of Earth’s galaxy and solar system. Vyon escapes with his life, but his radio transmitter is […]

Re-Entry Forbidden

The Sunfire 1 mission, the first orbital test flight of a nuclear-powered space capsule, is crewed by two Americans and the first British astronaut, Dick Larch. When the capsule returns to Earth, however, a disastrous dump of the nuclear fuel almost occurs, and an inquiry begins into the incident, with NASA keen to keeps its […]

Tron Legacy

Sam Flynn, the rebellious son of legendary (and now missing) ENCOM video game programmer Kevin Flynn, spends his time fixing up his father’s motorcycle and finding new ways to cause grief for the current generation of ENCOM executives. The only member of the ENCOM board that Sam can tolerate for even short amounts of time […]