Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 46461.3: The Enterprise crew begins an investigation when the crew of a Federation communications relay station near the Klingon border is discovered to be missing, and there are signs on the station that someone has been killed with a phaser set on high power. Someone has taken the station’s shuttle, and records of certain subspace transmissions have been taken. In the course of the investigation, Geordi goes through the logs of Lt. Aquiel Uhnari, searching for clues about what happened on the station. There are signs that she had experienced personality conflicts with the station’s senior officer and only other occupant, and her logs mention visits from a belligerent Klingon. The Klingon is located by Picard, and the Klingons reveal that they have found Lt. Uhnari in the station’s missing shuttle. Geordi, who has come to “know” Aquiel through her logs, becomes personally involved in the investigation of the apparent murder of her superior officer on the station, but he has a hard time separating his responsibility to solving the mystery from his personal feelings.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Brannon Braga & Ronald D. Moore
story by Jeri Taylor
directed by Cliff Bole
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Renee Jones (Aquiel Uhnari), Wayne Grace (Governor Torak), Reg E. Cathey (Morag), Majel Barrett (Computer Voice)

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Star Trek: Deep Space NineStardate 46531.2: A Runabout barely returns from the Gamma Quadrant after experiencing a power loss on its way back to DS9. The crew must be rescued by Sisko, Kira and O’Brien on arrival, and they have brought a passenger back from the other side: Vash, Captain Picard’s old flame from a vacation on Risa, last seen going off to explore the universe with Q. Vash has apparently been wandering through the Gamma Quadrant on her own for two years, and once she gets settled in on the station, begins making plans to sell several artifacts from the Gamma Quadrant. In the meantime, power failures begin occurring on DS9, coinciding with the arrival of Q, who is pestering Vash to continue her travels with him. Q also introduces himself to Sisko and the station crew and delights in irritating them as much as he has always enjoyed badgering the Enterprise crew. In the meantime, Vash meets Quark and they begin planning an auction of her Gamma Quadrant loot – off of which they both expect to make a fortune. Power failures and Q continue to plague the station, climaxing with a gravitational force sucking DS9 straight toward the wormhole. Sisko is unsure whether an unknown natural phenomenon is dragging the station to its doom, or if Q is simply playing another of his infamous pranks.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by Robert Hewitt Wolfe
story by Hannah Louise Shearer
directed by Paul Lynch
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: John de Lancie (Q), Jennifer Hetrick (Vash), Van Epperson (Bajoran Clerk), Tom McCleister (Kolos), Laura Cameron (Bajoran Woman)

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To Kill A Billionaire

Time TraxDarien and Selma track Sahmbi to Harlan, Kentucky, where Sahmbi has assumed the name “Hamilton Ishan” and has invited representatives of several companies, all of them with one thing in common: they each handle nuclear or otherwise radioactive waste. “Ishan” demonstrates a process that makes the waste simply vanish harmlessly…but Darien recognizes the process: Sahmbi is transporting the waste to exactly the same place in the year 2193, a future whose safer power has left the world without many experts in handling radioactive waste. Darien decides that all options are on the table in dealing with Sahmbi, but the law in 1993 says differently…and the judge before whom Sahmbi is brought is one of the future convicts he freed.

written by Harold Gast
directed by Colin Budds
music by Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone

Time TraxCast: Dale Midkiff (Darien Lambert), Elizabeth Alexander (Selma), Mia Sara (Annie), Jerry Hardin (Judge Benedict Choate), Henry Darrow (The Chief), Peter Donat (Sahmbi), Chad Tyler (Agent Hayes), Alan Fletcher (Davenport), Malcolm Cork (Stern), Steven Tandy (Deepthroat), Peter Marhsall (Foreman), Martin Maddell (U.K. Sergeant), Len Kaserman (Judge Braverman), Fred Steele (Judge Alford), Rhys Muldoon (Lawyer Fox)

Time TraxNotes: Several months before his first X-Files appearance as Deep Throat, Jerry Hardin was already a familiar face to sci-fi TV fans. He had recently appeared in the fifth season finale and sixth season premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation as Mark Twain, the second time he had played a character on that series. Ironically, there’s an anonymous source identified in the guest starring credits as “Deepthroat” in this episode of Time Trax.

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Face Of The Enemy

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 46519.1: Counselor Troi, waking up after being kidnapped from a neuro-psychology seminar, finds herself aboard a Romulan Warbird, posing as a member of Romulan intelligence to participate in a carefully plotted defection attempt by a Vice-Proconsul of the Romulan High Council. With the clandestine guidance of a member of the Romulan crew, Troi plays her role convincingly. In the meantime, a former human defector to Romulus returns to the Federation and arrives on the Enterprise with a message to Picard from Ambassador Spock, who remains in hiding on Romulus assisting defectors and dissidents. The message sends an unwitting Picard to rendezvous with the ship carrying Troi and the defector, an encounter which forces Troi to make a split-second decision to either break with the intricate plans of the defection scheme, or to follow her Romulan confidant into what may be a trap.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Naren Shankar
story by Renè Echavarria
directed by Gabrielle Beaumont
music by Don Davis

Guest Cast: Scott MacDonald (N’Vek), Carolyn Seymour (Toreth), Barry Lynch (DeSeve), Robertson Dean (Pilot), Pamela Winslow (Ensign McKnight), Majel Barrett (Computer Voice)

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Star Trek: Deep Space NineStardate 46910.1: A small group of Klaestrons try to kidnap Lt. Dax from the station, but Sisko snags their ship in the station’s tractor beam before they can escape with their hostage. The leader of the Klaestron party, Ilon Tandro, claims to be carrying out the extradition of Dax on charges of treason and the murder of Tandro’s military father 30 years before, when Dax inhabited the host body Curzon. Sisko, not believing the charges and unable to comprehend Dax’s silence regarding the situation, stalls the Klaestrons’ plans by calling for an extradition hearing overseen by a Bajoran judge, and sends Odo to Klaestron 4 to find out as much as he can about Curzon Dax’s activities 30 years ago. Meanwhile, time, and possibly the letter of the law, are against the case for Dax’s freedom and survival.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by D.C. Fontana and Peter Allan Fields
story by Peter Allan Fields
directed by David Carson
music by Jay Chattaway

Star Trek: Deep Space NineGuest Cast: Gregory Itzin (Ilon Tandro), Anne Haney (Arbiter Els Renora), Richard Lineback (Selin Peers), Fionnula Flanagan (Enina Tandro)

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Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate not given: After a diplomatic meeting with aliens goes drastically wrong and ends in an exchange of fire, an away team is beamed into sick bay with a dying Picard. As Dr. Crusher tries desperately to resuscitate Picard, a near-death vision begins in Picard’s mind…or so he thinks, until Q is revealed to be behind it. Q informs Picard that his artificial heart – which Picard gained after, as a newly-commissioned ensign 30 years before, he instigated a brawl with three huge Nausicaans and got stabbed through the heart – is the cause of his death in the present. Q tempts Picard with the opportunity to change his personal history by depositing Picard’s current consciousness in the body of Ensign Picard within a few days of his fateful encounter with the Nausicaans. Picard must weigh the moral implications of changing the past to ensure his present survival against adhering to the tragic dictates of his destiny.

Order the DVDswritten by Ronald D. Moore
directed by Les Landau
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: John de Lancie (Q), Ned Vaughn (Corey), J.C. Brandy (Marta), Clint Carmichael (Nausicaan #1), Rae Norman (Penny), Clive Church (Maurice Picard), Marcus Nash (Young Picard), Majel Barrett (Computer Voice)

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The Passenger

Star Trek: Deep Space NineStardate not given: As Odo and Starfleet newcomer Lt. Primmin irritate each other while trying to coordinate security for the transfer of a deuridium shipment due to arrive at DS9, a Runabout is sent to aid a crippled Kobliad prison ship, containing investigator Ty Kajada and two corpses, one of which was a notorious Kobliad criminal known as Rao Vantika, who, even after being pronounced dead by Bashir, is still considered a major threat by Kajada. Dax discovers, during post-mortem investigations, that Vantika was capable of transferring his consciousness into the mind of any other being without the recipient’s consent or even their knowledge. The vital shipment may be lost to Vantika, whoever his evil ambitions inhabit now – and he has henchmen waiting to assist him on the station.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by Morgan Gendel, Robert Hewitt Wolfe and Michael Piller
story by Morgan Gendel
directed by Paul Lynch
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Caitlin Brown (Ty Kajada), James Lashly (Lt. Primmin), Christopher Collins (Durg), James Harper (Rao Vantika)

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Episode One

Century FallsTess Hunter and her mother are new arrivals in the quaint village of Century Falls, hoping to escape the rigors of big-city life. They quickly become the talk of the insular town, and are greeted by the local landlord, Richard Naismith. Naismith’s nephew and niece, Ben and Carey, are the only other children in Century Falls, though Tess promises that will change when her mother has her second child in a few months – new that seems to shake the residents of Century Falls to their core.

Ben Naismith appears to have extraordinary powers, and leads Tess and his sister to the ruins of the local church, the site of a tragedy that occurred on July 17th, 1953. Somehow, Ben is able to give Tess and Carey a glimpse back in time to that event – a fire which few survived, and whose survivors began dying off soon afterward. But on a later visit to the waterfall that gives Century Falls its name, even Ben can’t explain the appearance of the young girl they glimpse through the waterfall. Tess tries to get a closer look and falls into the water.

At that moment, Alice Harkness, the mother of the Harkness sisters who run the only shop in Century Falls, who has been silent and almost vegetative since July 17th, 1953… screams.

written by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson

Century FallsCast: Catherine Sanderson (Tess Hunter), Heather Baskerville (Mrs. Hunter), Simon Fenton (Ben Naismith), Emma Jane Lavin (Carey Naismith), Marc Sinden (Francis Naismith), Tatiana Strauss (Julia), Bernard Kay (Richard Naismith), Alex Mollo (Ashe), Mary Wimbush (Esme Harkness), Georgine Anderson (May Harkness), Eileen Way (Alice Harkness), Donna Fawthrop (Young Woman), Jennifer Harris (Little Girl)

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The Gathering

Babylon 5In the Tigris Sector in the year 2257, the gigantic space station Babylon 5 has entered service and is preparing for its first major official duty, hosting the ambassadors of the Minbari, Vorlon, Centauri and Narn governments who will, along with station Commander Sinclair, the Earth representative, begin down the uneasy path toward interstellar peace. The station’s first officer Takashima and security chief Garibaldi are both officers with career records that are, in places, less than exemplary, giving the impression that the Earth Alliance isn’t going to send the cream of its crop to Babylon 5 – especially not since Babylons 1, 2 and 3 were sabotaged and destroyed, and the fourth station in the line vanished without a trace within a day of becoming operational. There are also questions about the alien representatives: Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari spends a good deal of his time in the diplomatic pursuit of drinks and winnings in the station’s casino; Minbari Ambassador Delenn, whose people once waged a vicious war with Earth and suddenly stopped all attacks just moments before wiping out the human race, is secretive and speaks in riddles. Ambassador G’Kar of the Narn Regime is ill-tempered and makes no secret of the fact that he seeks power and prestige for his own people and himself, no matter what the cost to other individuals or governments. And last, but not least, Vorlon Ambassador Kosh Naranek, who, when he arrives, will be the first Vorlon ever encountered by any of the above species, travels incommunicado. This proves to be a problem when Kosh, in a life-sustaining encounter suit, is found unconscious moments after his ship docks at Babylon 5. The crew swings into action and discovers foul play, which infuriates the Vorlon Empire. Matters are made no less critical when it is discovered that the culprit is at large on Babylon 5, and Commander Sinclair is framed for the attack on Kosh. His crew must fight to uncover the truth to prevent the Vorlons from extraditing Sinclair – or to prevent them from simply declaring all-out war on the Earth Alliance…

Order now!Download this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Richard Compton
music by Stewart Copeland
(music in 1998 TNT special edition by Christopher Franke)

Cast: Michael O’ Hare (Commander Jeffrey Sinclair), Tamlyn Tomita (Lt. Commander Laurel Takashima), Jerry Doyle (Michael Garibaldi), Mira Furlan (Ambassador Delenn), Blaire Baron (Carolyn Sykes), John Fleck (Del Varner), Paul Hampton (The Senator), Peter Jurasik (Ambassador Londo Mollari), Andreas Katsulas (Ambassador G’Kar), Johnny Sekka (Dr. Benjamin Kyle), Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander), Steven R. Barnett (Eric), William Hayes (Traveler), Linda Hoffman (Tech #2), Robert Jason Jackson (Tech #3), F. William Parker (Businessman #1), Marianne Robertson (Hostage), Dave Sage (Businessman #2), Ed Wasser (Guerra)

Babylon 5Notes: Three of the main characters – Takashima, Dr. Kyle and Lyta – were replaced by the time the weekly series began, as was Sinclair’s girlfriend Carolyn; the sets also changed between the film and series, primarily due to the production moving to its own custom-built facility, necessitating some redesigns, although the series sets are very much like the movie’s. Almost all of the alien makeups were also altered for the series, most notably Mira Furlan’s Delenn makeup, which originally was much more gaunt and had several “bumps” on the head, as well as light blue spots and blotches; the makeup for G’Kar also changed, notably with the addition of redder contact lenses and a more rounded-off chin than was seen in the movie.

Another curiosity: close examination of the station in the pilot film reveals that the cobra bay doors from which the fighters launch in the series are not present. You may also notice Ed Wasser, later much more recognizable as Shadow agent Morden, playing a technician on the station’s observation dome.

The “special edition” of The Gathering shown after the world premiere of TNT’s Babylon 5: In The Beginning restored several dropped scenes, including a brief hostage scare (taking place after Lyta’s arrival), and additional dialogue with Takashima and Kyle, Sinclair and Delenn, and others. Delenn also takes a much more active part in the climactic hunt for the saboteur.

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Birthright Part I

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 46578.4: The Enterprise visits Deep Space 9 to deliver supplies and personnel to assist the rebuilding of Bajor. On the station’s Promenade, Worf encounters an alien profiteer who claims to know the whereabouts of Worf’s father, allegedly still alive. While Worf, troubled, ponders the legitimacy of this news, Data and Geordi assist Dr. Bashir, visiting from the station, in conducting an analysis of a piece of equipment discovered in the gamma quadrant. An accidental power overload shuts Data down momentarily, yet he has a vision of a short walk through the corridors of the Enterprise and a brief encounter with his creator, Dr. Soong. Unsure of how to interpret or proceed from this experience, Data seeks the advice of many others, including Worf. Still contemplating a possible journey to find his father, Worf advises Data to pursue the search for his own “father” at whatever the cost, while Worf himself finally resolves to embark on a dangerous quest to a Romulan prison camp. When he arrives, Worf finds not only a familiar Klingon face, but many others, all of whom are secretive about their internment until Worf is captured by Romulans.

Order the DVDswritten by Brannon Braga
directed by Winrich Kolbe
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Siddig El Fadil (Dr. Bashir), James Cromwell (Shrek), Brent Spiner (Dr. Noonian Soong), Cristine Rose (Gi’ral), Jennifer Gatti (Ba’el), Richard Herd (L’Kor), and Spot

LogBook entry by Earl Green

Episode Two

Century FallsAfter Tess falls into the pool beneath the waterfall, disrupting Ben’s power, Ben flees and is greeted by his uncle, who seems to have some idea of what’s going on. Alice Harkness lapses back into her nearly-comatose state after drawing a mask on a piece of paper. When Richard Naismith’s maid stops by the Harkness sisters’ shop, she mentions that Naismith’s niece and nephew are now living with him in Century Falls – the first that the sisters have heard of it. They immediately call for a gathering of the other village elders: other survivors of the 1953 fire. They form a circle and use some sort of mental power to try to peer into the lives of Tess’ mother, and then into the home of Richard Naismith. Unknown to them, the Naismith twins and Tess are watching – and Ben Naismith is using his own abilities against his elders.

written by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson

Century FallsCast: Catherine Sanderson (Tess Hunter), Emma Jane Lavin (Carey Naismith), Simon Fenton (Ben Naismith), Eileen Way (Alice Harkness), Mary Wimbush (Esme Harkness), Georgine Anderson (May Harkness), Bernard Kay (Richard Naismith), Alex Mollo (Ashe), Tatiana Strauss (Julia), Heather Baskerville (Mrs. Hunter), Beryl Cooke (Miss Cooper), Danny Schiller (Jack Fretwell), Ronald Herdman (Ted Wayland)

LogBook entry by Earl Green