I’m Game II

Click here to download it (95mb ZIP)

IIa :: Archon Theme
IIb :: Boulder Dash
IIc :: Castlevania Medley
IId :: Defender Of The Crown
IIe :: Harkonnen Victory (Emperor: Battle For Dune)
IIf :: Final Fantasy Medley
IIg :: Gyruss
IIh :: Halo Medley
IIi :: IK+ Medley

Sample track: excerpt from IK+ Medley

I’m Game, Volume 1

Click here to download it (63mb ZIP)

01 :: Kirby Medley
02 :: The Legend Of Zelda Medley
03 :: Super Mario Brothers Medley
04 :: Yoshi Medley
05 :: Still Alive
06 :: Wii Sports Menu

A new Kasatochi concept: video game music… sounding pretty much the way you’d expect it to sound… with a twist or two.

Sample track: excerpt from Super Mario Brothers Medley