Written by Robert Heyman
Directed by Robert Heyman

Official description: Trying to prevent the Win-a-Prize from being hijacked, Huk and Buh defy death as well as common sense to regain control of their ship.

Principal photography: December 1991

Jump Cut CityNotes: This was Robert’s first attempt at scripting JCC after years of ad-libbing, and I thought it was hysterical. In some ways, the whole thing didn’t come together until the edit, and then it all made sense. There are some classic JCC moments here, such as the cord plugged into an electrical outlet marked WARP DRIVE – DO NOT UNPLUG! Thank you, the management. Another interesting and surreal moment wasn’t even scripted – Mike grabs my gun out of my hand and turns it on me, but I don’t react in horror until he grabs the ceramic elephant out of my other hand and points it at me as if it’s a gun too. Where in the world did we get that elephant anyway?! The one thing that has never been made quite clear is what exactly Burchuss was doing in the control room with the Guf – we has spying on the Guf for us, or was he a traitor? You never can tell with fiddygibbers…