Written by Earl Green
Directed by Robert Heyman

Official description: Huk and Buh discover that a notorious space pirate is is responsible for deliberately igniting a supernova that destroyed several planets.

Principal photography: October/November 1991

Jump Cut CityNotes: It’s rather ironic that the second episode of the “expurgated” JCC was the first script to be written for it. It’s also funny that it didn’t air until well over a year after we’d finished it! Whereas the first episode stumbles because of the lack of guest performers, this one makes up for it completely, from Chris and Dave as the two-headed man to Mike as the menacing but simultaneously confused-looking Guf. There are quite a few plot holes in it which I won’t mention (all you need is a brain cell or two, you can locate them), but the pacing and overall strangeness still survive a year later, when it could easily have gotten tiring to us. The Female Voice in the Darkness gag sometimes gets lost on some people; it started out as an attempt to spoof Denise Crosby’s first reappearances in ST:TNG as a Romulan conspirator. What we originally hoped was that, in the final scene where Mike reveals himself, we’d see his shadow still speaking with Nancy’s voice, and then in the same shot he would step out and speak normally. Somehow it just didn’t pan out like that, though…