Written by Robert Heyman & Earl Green
Directed by Robert Heyman

Official description: (series premiere) – two of the most mismatched space heroes in the universe are assigned to command the starship Win-a-Prize, which they manage to nearly wreck almost immediately.

Principal photography: November 29, 1992

Jump Cut CityNotes:
An episode which threatened not to come together conceptually – originally, I’d hoped to include Dave Thomer as Zax, so we could actually see him issuing the reassignments which, in the final cut, seem to arrive miraculously from on high just as Huk and Buh have both screwed up in big ways. Anyway, due to the need to get this story shot and edited in time for the 1993 premiere and to show something more to the folks at Access 4, we hastily rearranged the script right as we were shooting – in fact, we were still wondering, after a marathon seven-hour filming spree, if we should catch some pickup shots of gloved hands and video screens for Dave’s voice-overs. Finally, we decided to get the show done with just the two of us. In a way, that’s also the biggest failing of the final edit – both Huk and Buh’s superior officers and other characters who appear in the script are, in quite a painfully obvious way, just myself or Robert standing barely in frame with our backs to the camera. That was almost what we had planned even when we hoped to get guest performers to play the parts, but the dead giveaway is the voices. The best parts of the show, in my humble opinion, are the scene Robert wrote where Buh flunks one computer trivia quiz after another, and, of course, some fiddyspeak.