We had several. Here’s a quick guide.


  1. Like Hukka, Like Buh – our heroes run into trouble before leaving base…
  2. Stellacide (part 1) – someone attempts to hijack the Win-a-Prize.
  3. Stellacide (part 2) – someone is still trying to hijack the Win-a-Prize. Not very good at it, are they?
  4. Future Tense – ancient artifacts of an alien species endanger the crew. (So does their own inability to get a clue.)


    100% Repsychled – a Hukka penal colony has turned into a madhouse – and the tenants don’t want any visiting space travelers to find out.

  • Containment Breach – failure of a vital system aboard the ship reduces the crew’s efficiency. That vital system happens to be the toilet.
  • Omnivores – they’re vegetables. They eat stars. And they live among us. And they say “UAH.”
  • The Undiscovered Pastry – Hukka’s home planet suffers a horrible fate. This script was the center of some amusing debate on the merits of using fart sounds on TV…
  • Theatre of Operations – a mysterious alien artifact is discovered by the gang; unknown to them, they’ve encountered its distant cousin before… (This would have been the sequel to “Future Tense.”)
  • To Make Matter Worse – Burchuss meets his maker once more, and this time he’s trying to free people’s molecules from them.
  • The Benchwarmer (part 1) – Huk is accused of a bloody massacre.
  • The Benchwarmer (part 2) – Huk is still accused of a bloody massacre.
  • Proof of Burchuss – it’s a wonderful plot cliche as Burchuss becomes the Buh’s guardian angel for one episode!
  • Killers (part 1) – Huk and Buh stumble across an abandoned alien training device and try it out, unaware of the true nature of their discovery.
  • Killers (part 2) – having unwittingly assassinated an important leader, Huk and Buh find themselves on the run from just about everybody.