Season 3

302: Comet Gazing

Whether they’re just pretty remnants of the formation of the solar system, mythical harbingers of doom, or camouflage for genocidal alien empires, there’s a comet – and a comet soundtrack – for just about every taste: Comet ISON (Yasunori Mitsuda) Rosetta (Vangelis) Hale-Bopp (Grayghost) Arrivederci Yamato (Hiroshi Miyagawa) Comet one, comet all, first comet, first …

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Season 2

203: Songs Of Icy Worlds

The coldest places in our solar system are crawling with robots. Mainly because we sent them there. Hear now the musical odes to these explorers and their destinations, including: Rosetta Suite, consisting of Rosetta’s Waltz, Arrival, Philae’s Journey (Vangelis) Ambition (Antanas Valkov) Welcome Home, Hayabusa (Isao Tomita) Horizon (a.k.a. Pluto) (Alexander Raytchev) Alone In The …

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