Season 3

301: Black Armband Week at NASA

Late January and early February comprise a period not fondly remember by space explorers and their support crews on the ground; this is the time of year that we lost Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia…and just as there’s a story behind each one, there’s also a soundtrack: From The Earth To The Moon: Apollo One …

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Season 1

126: EF-5…Thousand!

In The Grand Theme Of Things is back from its long slumber to put the “fun” back in “funnel clouds” with music from movies about tornadoes. Highlights from: Twister (Mark Mancina) Sharknado (Ramin Kousha) Into The Storm (Brian Tyler) Sharknado 2: The Second One (Chris Ridenour & Chris Cano) an obligatory visit from Laredo Tornado …

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