213: Wars Without Williams

Rogue One premieres next month, ushering in a new era of Star Wars movies chronicling “side stories” that don’t necessarily centrally involve members of the Skywalker Family…and movies that aren’t scored by the legendary John Williams. But many Star Wars adventures have already featured music by other composers, to wit:

The Force calls to you. Unfortunately, it’s calling collect. (1:20:30)

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BONUS DOWNLOAD: This is an almost-finished article by Earl Green and frequent collaborator Rob Heyman, from an unpublished, never-completed late 2015 issue of theLogBook.com ‘Zine. Bear inmind that this was written in late 2015, prior to the premiere of The Force Awakens, prior to Williams announcement that he would stay on for Episode VIII, and prior to Alexandre Desplat giving up the Rogue One scoring assignment. (Note also that Rob called Desplat’s replacement from a year away!)

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