206: Tales Of The Blaster Beam IV

BWONNNNNNNGGGG! The Blaster Beam is back in another selection of soundtracks and snippets stretching from 1978 through 2016 (!). Catch up with that most Lovecraftian of instruments’ exploits, old and new, in a brand new mix that you will enjoy:

Have we heard the last of the Beam? And has the Beam heard the last of us? (1:04:56)

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123: A Tune Off The Ol’ Chip

Music from movies and TV shows (but not video games) that feature chiptunes (which sound like video games). Lining up their quarters on the machine for this round are:

Want some free chiptunes? Visit another of theLogBook.com’s ongoing audio projects, Kasatochi, for free downloads. (51:26)

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120: Dubstepisode!

Dubstep as soundtrack music? Why not? Show some wub wub wub and wait for the drop with highlights from:

Wub wub wub wub (51:57)

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118: Christmas On A Musical Planet, Part 1

Music from the Christmas episodes of your favorite sci-fi and fantasy shows, no matter how utterly bizarre they were! Features highlights from:

May your holidays be joyous and tuneful. (42:24)

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101: Space: Real and Imagined, part 1

Music for real and imaginary missions into space. Highlights from:

This podcast has launch commit! (40:16)

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