115: Off The Grid

Tron away from the big screen and in other media. Highlights from:

  • Tron 2.0: Killer App (Nathan Grigg)
  • Kingdom Hearts II (Yoko Shimomura)
  • Tron Evolution (Sascha Dikiciyan)
  • Tron Uprising (Joseph Trapenese)
  • “Tron 1.1” from Intellivision In Hi-Fi (Tom Kahelin)

This is a show that’ll give you a Clu about how influential Tron is. (53:13)

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114: Who At Fifty

A musical celebration of 50+ years of Doctor Who, from soundtracks released in the 50th anniversary year. Highlights from:

Went to read about Doctor Who? The host and producer of your podcast has written a couple of books on the subject! (55:43)

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113: Scenes From An Arcade, part 2

Music from movies that feature at least one scene in a video arcade. Or an arcade game. Highlights from:

I want that podcast in the games until it dies playing! (52:43)

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112: Gatchamania!, part 2

One of the original breakout anime hits gets modern musical makeovers. Highlights from:

  • Gatchaman Crowds (Taku Iwasaki)
  • Gatchaman (Nima Fakhrara, who is, for the record, a guy, one to whom I apologize for not having done my homework in advance – never again!)

Hear how G-Force’s sound has “transmuted” in the 21st century. (40:42)

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