Four-cat pile-up

It’s been raining for two days, and will rain for two more, if the forecast is even remotely right. My baby curled up and went straight to sleep, and I realized that the sight of my kids sleeping triggers an instinct in me…

…you thought I was going to say “to stand guard and watch over them”, right? Aw hell no. It’s an instinct to nap at the same time. While I can. It’s something that kind of overwrites your DNA when you stay home with an infant: either nap while you have the chance, or get something done somewhere in the house.

And with the rain beating down 24/7, let me tell you, that switch gets flipped solidly to “nap”. Surrounded by cats.

Four-cat pile-up

Enjoy, then, this fine view of Obi’s junk.

A nice warm day

You have no idea how much a nice warm day – and by “warm” I mean “65 degrees with a pretty good wind so we’re probably talking about 62 tops” – is welcome after several weeks of near-constant snow and ice. Since the beginning of the year one could be excused for thinking we’ve gone through more icing than a cake shop. Anyway, the cumulative effect of a relatively nice warm day was… happy faces.

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