Wave at Saturn!

Saturn itselfToday was the day everyone on Earth was supposed to wave at the planet Saturn, low on the eastern horizon in the afternoon. Way out there at Saturn, the Cassini space probe is looking back this way as Saturn eclipses the sun, and the pictures it takes during this event – while Saturn is blocking out the direct light of the sun from Cassini’s vantage point – should show Earth as a tiny bright-blue half-pixel reflecting the sun’s light.

Since it was clouded over and trying to rain on us, we made our own Saturn out of a styrofoam ball, with paper clips holding up a somewhat floppy construction-paper ring. Obviously, Douglas Trumbull isn’t quaking in his boots. Read More

Right on Q…

QSo, if one puts any stock into the Weather Channel’s invented, hurricanesque “storm names” for winter storms – names that are their invention and not recognized or sanctioned (but are, in all likelihood, giggled at) by the actual Weather Service – we are being hit by “Winter Storm Q” right now. (Winter Storm Khan hit another part of the country a few weeks ago.) Right now, we’ve got snow transitioning into something harder and nastier, sleet and little ice pellets. As if my exile to the house needed to be formalized somehow, me and the boy are stuck here for a while. Read More

Of pictures and pastures and pups

I’ve got several “family portraits” of our cat family, most of which are down to luck. I’ve been trying to keep my eyes open for opportune moments to get both dogs together, but there just haven’t been many opportunities – either they’re not close together, or they’re both asleep (not really at their best), or they’re doing goofy crap like this:

Xena and Gabby Read More