Of styro-stuffing, set-building, and starting to feel like home

When we toured the house in Utah that we’ve wound up renting, the first glimpse of the basement – an area as big as the living room upstairs, but in a decidedly unfinished state without even so much as drywall in most places – there was talk of contractors coming and going for the first several weeks that we were there until the room was done.

Having come from a house that had, for several years, had bare concrete floors, I took one look and said we’d take it as-is. I saw exposed beams and rafters from which lights could be hung, places where a camera or two could be mounted, unfinished walls where I could put acoustic foam to make the space a better recording studio, and the floor was nothing new to me. I saw the studio that this space could be. Read More

Cthulhu fun funded!

Not only did Warpo, the makers of the prospective “Legends of Cthulhu” retro-style action figure line, reach their minimum funding goal, they did it in three days.

Legends of Cthulhu
See, I wasn’t the only one who thought this figure was awesome!

Keep an eye on their Kickstarter – stretch goals (which may include other product announcements) are due to be revealed soon. But what convinced everyone to part ways with their money for the greater good of Cthulhu? The answer may be simple: the visual presentation and support for this was pitch-perfect. Read More

At the mountains of little plastic madness

This morning, my attention was drawn to a Kickstarter campaign to fund a short-run, homebrew toy company making a new line of Star Wars action figures based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. The donation/invstment thresholds at which you got Neat Stuff – including a full set of all four figures, a print of the packaging artwork free of text and logos, and other goodies – were really reasonable. I was in love! With the 3 3/4-inch spawn of Cthulhu!

(Before going any further, those interested can find the Kickstarter here.) And at the same time, I realized that this has got to stop. The boutique, niche-interest toymakers of the world have got to stop tempting me with things specifically engineered to appeal to multiple flavors of retro nostalgia at once. Read More


Secret plansI’ve been talking for some time about tearing down my man-cave, only for a variety of reasons it hasn’t been happening as fast as I’d like. Today I emptied out, moved, and refilled one of the heaviest, most awkward pieces of furniture in my house, a 6+ foot tall bookshelf that my folks got for me, and my dad built for me, one Christmas in the ’80s. It matched a computer desk and printer table which are no longer with me. It’s still in one piece, reasonably attractive, and it’s damned solid. And yeah, the fact that I remember watching my dad build it while knocking back a beer and cursing a lot has something to do with it. I do the same thing with build-it-yourself furniture, minus the beer (though as I get older, and the printed instructions gradually become more incomprehensible, I have to admit that the temptation is sometimes there). Read More

The boy and the robot

I have three days and nights off this week instead of the usual two, and as a result, I’ve actually gotten some stuff done and had some energy. In order to give my wife a break after a hard day, I decided that Evan and I should make a trip into Fort Smith to run some overdue errands and shop for some overdue groceries. Or, actually, do some overdue shopping for groceries that aren’t past their expiration dates. I thought some clarification was in order there. Read More