Assigned to the excessively sleek and luxurious USS Win-A-Prize, Captain Geraldo “Heroic” Hukka and his reluctant first officer, Polonius L. “Demented” Buh, bravely patrol the galaxy attempting to do good. They seldom succeed. In the course of the show’s four broadcast episodes, Huk accidentally starts an interplanetary war and Buh turns a diplomat into a frog, they fail to deliver medical supplies to a plague-stricken world on time, and they then proceed to awaken a race of hibernating, all-powerful conquerors. And all this in four shows! Uncompleted future stories called for Huk and Buh to contend with some UAH!! alarming discoveries made about the true nature of their fiddygibber friend, Burchuss, who still speaks in a language entirely incomprehensible to them or the audience. Is UahBurchuss a secret agent, the intergalactic harbinger of doom, more than a Time Lord, the tooth fairy, or just God? As if that’s not enough, there would have been further sinister hints of the return of a powerful enemy from the galaxy’s past.

Other characters, who dropped in and out of the stories as other friends of ours dropped by wherever we were shooting, included Bubba Buh (the Buh’s older brother), the mighty and evil Flibt, Captain A.P. (All-Purpose) Hukka, the Emperor T’aag (one really mean dude who, in a rarity for JCC, really appeared mean and powerful on video), the Subatomic Bwee, the Thermal Guf, Buppaziddy Bubbasmolsky (the Subatomic Bwee’s pilot/chauffeur), Shprelok Pholok, and Mrs. Buh, who we never see, but we always hear about Burchuss knocking her up (!?). These random characters would often show up in such vessels as the ConsolationPrize, the DoorPrize, the U.S.S. Insipid, and the U.S.S. YouMayHaveAlreadyWonThisValuablePrize.

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