40/29 news promo: Keeping The Cherokee Language Alive: Spot for a sweeps news piece, May 2004. One of the first things produced with the new PC-based Avid. I was very satisfied with the “feel” of this one – nothing too fancy, but everything just seemed to come together nicely.

40/29 news promo: Shopping For Germs: Promo for a 2004 sweeps story (I forget which month); since I had sound to use, but not much B-roll, I went all CSI on it. Thought it turned out pretty nice.

40/29 news promo: Hostage Negotiator: Aired in 2004. This spot won an award from 40/29’s parent company, Hearst Television, but it was more a case of desperation than inspiration: the spot had been edited with footage from the story when I was told at the last minute that none of the people involved could’ve been shown. Most of the spot’s video then had to be created out of whole cloth with animation, resulting in another “produced in the computer” spot.

40/29 news promo: Hometown Ghost Story: This was an evening topical aired during October 2002… as often happened in the early 2000s, there was no footage in house yet, so… another “made it in the computer” spot. Nice voice work and an atypical music bed made it just a little bit creepy – about as creepy as you can get when the whole spot basically comes from AP GraphicsBank elements. The script text in the background was from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, since the story was about the ghost of an actor haunting a local theater.

40/29 news promo: Images From Ground Zero: An evening topical from November sweeps, 2001, this was a case where we had the footage in question, but no interview to go with it as yet. “Somber” seemed like a good thing to aim for.

UPN 32 (Green Bay) promo: Deep Space Nine Final Episodes: This was an original 60-second spot I put together to promote the final stretch of episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Randall Moreau provided the voice-over. I selected the clips from the earliest episodes through some of the most recent – this was not a syndicator-provided spot that we tagged, but an original from top to tail. It was also meant to cash in on the interest (at the time) in the first trailer for Star Wars Episode I, hence “Every saga has a beginning…”, etc. Very happy with this one. There was also an accompanying spot for our nightly syndicated strip of The Simpsons that promptly made fun of the Star Wars theme.