Stanley, Stanley, where are you at?
Stanley, Stanley, stock photo cat.
He’s just a placeholder
While I make product shots bolder.
Stanley, Stanley, stock photo cat.

Happy rescue day, Puck!

Today is Puck’s rescue day, but only by virtue of there not being a term for “little wandering kitten who strays into a clearly inhabited man-made structure for of TV station stuff and goes to sit on the first sucker for cats he finds”, and a holiday to go with it. Puck didn’t really get adopted, he adopted me.


And I’m totally okay with that. He was the best “perk” I got from my last few years in TV. And he still is, every time he curls up next to my year-old baby and leaves himself wide open to being petted, patted, and grabbed. He has the patience of three saints. And he’s so fluffy.

Turtles: the LARP

Turtles!In the old arcade game Turtles, you’re supposed to pick up baby turtles and carry them someplace safe.

On the way home from picking up dog food this afternoon, me and Little E saw a little turtle crossing the road. Keep in mind, this is the road where people take a blind corner so fast that I’m scared to let my kid play in the yard (and I worry about anyone living in the pasture too). Do I think someone’s going to stop for a little turtle? Aw shell no.

But we did. Read More