Whatever happened to the man of the funky future?

PRESS PLAY ON TAPEIt’s been well over a year since I appeared on the (apparently, and very sadly, now-dormant) MarkWHO42 podcast, talking about upcoming book projects, including a book that would be all about ’70s sci-fi, fantasy and superhero shows in the United States, and another book that would cover British telefantasy series (that really turned out to be heavily weighted toward the same decade, covering the likes of Space: 1999, UFO, Blake’s 7, Sky, Raven, and so on). Mark Baumgarden and his cohorts (including international man of mystery Christian Basel, who is now heavily involved in the rapidly-expanding Krypton Radio podcasting network) were enormously enthused about the latter book, and it was a really fun show for me. (I could detour here into how much I wish I had a co-host for my own podcasting ventures sometimes, but that could take up a whole other blog entry.)

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The Pod, it continues

For quite some time now, as I’ve continued working on my other podcasts and struggling to get them out on any kind of predictable schedule, my thoughts have drifted back to the site’s original claim to podcasting fame (well, maybe that’s stretching it a bit), theLogBook.com’s Escape Pod. It hasn’t been updated since 2015, which concerns me – a “today in history” podcast really ceases to have much use if it’s not updated. Read More

The Hunt for the Blue Yeti

As time goes by...Last month, following running conversations with several fellow podcasters (some in private, some out in the open) about sound quality, I spotted an “open box” Blue Yeti microphone on Amazon. It was classified as “used”, though the listing specified that all it was missing was the box and the manual, and it had not really been “used” used. It was marked down roughly 50% – a huge thing, since a brand new Yeti will typically relieve you of over $100. With shipping, this one was about $65. And…I spotted the listing at the worst possible time. I was dead broke.

Even though my next paycheck was more or less spoken for, I decided I’d pull the trigger and buy that Yeti if it was still there on my next payday. And it was. And now it’s mine. Read More

Lessons learned from the Escape Pod

Two years ago, almost exactly two years ago in fact, I set out to create a daily podcast, “fully produced” as if it was meant to be radio-ready, to build up a “today in history” audio archive for those, like myself, of a geeky bent.

This week, I finished that project. Well, sort of finished it. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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Podcast: Mad Props

theLogBook.com’s web master gives mad props to the guys who saved the TARDIS console, worries a bit about the guy who built the “Star Trek apartment,” rants some more about SOPA, and just generally takes you on a fantastic journey. Yeah.

Sound quality is much better this time; the secret is to keep the mic up by my eyebrows.

Listen here:

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Podcast: Wash Your Mouth Out With SOPA!

…in which theLogBook.com’s webmaster carries on cranky about the SOPA and PIPA bills, eroding freedom in general, making brownies, volcano observation, making brownies, hacker kiddies, future projects at theLogBook.com, and brownies. Mmmmmm… brownies.

Apologies for sound quality; I’ve got a new(ish) hands-free headset for recording and I still need to work out a few things… like finding a little tiny wind sock for it.

Listen here:

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