Coffee expertly roasted by dragons

Okay, so here’s the thing. I used to do post-production for a living, albeit for a local TV station or four in one state or another. So I know, intimately, what kind of phone call *somebody* almost certainly got at 11 o’clock Pacific time last night to start the process of editing a Starbucks cup out of existence in a scene from Game Of Thrones. I know that call too well. It goes a little something like this:

“Hey Earl, you’ve got some free time between now and ten, right?” [usually, I didn’t, but what the hell, don’t let that stop you]

“I forgot [to white balance the camera / that we couldn’t show this person’s face] and I need you to [make them not purple while magically not turning everything in the background green / blur them out even though both they and the camera are moving in every shot]. You can fix that, right? Thanks!”

Never mind the fact that I usually needed un-screwed-up footage to, you know, make a topical promo that had to be on the air long before the news (also known as “my actual job description“). And now I had exquisitely pre-screwed-up footage that had to be “fixed” because someone was in a hurry and/or forgot some really basic procedural steps.

Trust me, someone, probably not paid nearly enough to turn other people’s Minor Oopsies into their Major Emergency for the weekend, got that call last night, and will be supplying a re-edited version of that episode to all the streaming services ASAP, to say nothing of doing it before the Blu-Rays go to duplication.

You wanna know who deserves a big-ass cup of expensive coffee on the table in from of them? It’s that person. Just sayin’.

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