Indiana Earl and the Donkeys of Doom

I went to bed late, and was half-asleep when something hit the front door of the house, almost like a gunshot. Simultaneously, my dog, who was staying outside keeping the horse company tonight, went apeshit. Next thing I heard was the horse, also going nuts. I put on my robe and ran outside…

Donkey…and nearly got kicked by one of the herd of donkeys standing in my yard (this one was actually standing by the door – probably sampling Gabby’s dog food). They got spooked by my sudden appearance and took off.

I have so many questions. Obviously someone around here has a fence down that they’re not aware of. Or do they? Is this some sort of semi-organized gang of donkey hoodlums? How is it that they got close enough to my front door to kick it before they were noticed (good going, guard dog)? Or did they just sprout in place? Did I plant donkey seeds and then forget about it?

Donkeys. Free-roaming donkeys. Free-roaming stealthy ninja donkeys.

My life. You could not handle it.

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