Just a few more winter storm pictures! I promise!

Snow out!

First off, to answer the obvious cliffhanger question from yesterday’s entry, Cody the goober pup went away for a while and came back late at night to eat Gabby’s leftovers. After that, he either curled up in the barn with Coco or stayed in one of the unoccupied doghouses (since Gabby was inside). Gabby woofed at him through the back door as if he was some kind of intruder, so poor Cody seemed to lose his “hey, I want to be in there with my doggy buddy and all those KITTEHS!” enthusiasm. Like we’d ever get him to leave again. Those kittehs, they’re addictive.

Snow out!

Here’s a nice shot of ice-coated trees with the rising sun behind them, making them look like glass sculpture. The sunlight works wonders on the icing on the fence too.

Snow out!

And finally… my Hollywood dreams were crushed, literally, with the demise of Deathsicle 5000. Why did you have to go do it, Deathsicle 5000? All you had to do was hold out for your big break – the sequels! The girls! The inadvisably phallic merchandising opportunities!

Snow out!

Adios, Deathsicle 5000. I’ll invest my time in one of the monster ice-stalactites hanging over the back deck instead. 😆

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