Since this morning’s blog entry… it snowed. A lot.

Snow day

Snow day
It’s kinda pretty…

Snow day
…and kind of a pain in the ass as vehicles that couldn’t make it up the hill slid sickeningly back down the hill… and… into our driveway… which I already couldn’t get out of in the little front-wheel drive Buick if I tried.

Snow day
And people brave enough to come down the hill and around the curve that goes down the hill have nearly wound up with a faceful of… someone else’s SUV. Seriously. I have no idea whose that is. Or what their plans are for retrieving it.

Snow day
Neither does the horse.

Snow day
An experiment to see if this’ll stay cool. How much you wanna bet?

By the way, I hope everyone’s brought their animals – well, those smaller than horses, at least – inside during all this. If you haven’t done that, not only are you probably very close to meeting the minimum requirements of being an awful person, but you’re basically asking your pets to put up with this.

Snow day

And let me tell you, that isn’t comfortable. Let your animals in. It’s going to be 7 degrees out there tonight. 7. The wind chill from there is going to be a negative number. Please be a non-awful person and let your critters inside. (Or just drop them off at my house like everyone else does…) Bring your animals in where it’s warm, or I’m gonna kick your butt with these feet right here.

And I’m not gonna shake the snow off first.

Now taking bets as to whether or not I can get out of the driveway before Monday.

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  1. Yup, putting your soft drink bottle in the snow will keep it cool. Same thing if there’s no snow but it’s cold outside (nature: a great big fridge/freezer in winter). 🙂

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