Little E and me had a pretty full day.

First off it was a visit with the Special Guest Horse whose owner is leasing our pasture from us…

Little E & company

And then it was off to the park to see how the geese are doing now that it’s gotten cold…

Little E & company

We also checked on the ducks while we were there…

Little E & company

While we were gone, the kitties had a conga line going…

Then he and mom built a Lego space shuttle…

Little E & company

(As you can see, his face is healing up quite nicely.) We also did a little grocery shopping and I cooked aloha chicken when I got home – second time this week (according to the Mrs., I rock the aloha chicken).

I’ll probably chase all this down by soaking up some kitty kisses and going to sleep.

Our visit to the park was actually so the boy could play, but instead we circled the lake because he wanted to see how many different kinds of ducks and geese he could see there. During his brief visit to the playground, he informed everyone within earshot, “EXCUSE ME! I FARTED!” I… uh… nothing to see here, folks, move along home. 😆

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