2013 to-do list

Things I plan to do in 2013…

  1. Finish more books. I’m already committed to three roughly-pencilled-in release dates in 2013. Which is a sign, perhaps, that I should already have been committed (to an insane asylum), but… I’ve said they’ll be there, I’m working my ass off on them, and they’ll be there, which brings us to…
  2. Keep hitting the road. 2012 was the year I actually went to a convention other than OVGE, and lo and behold, I managed to sell books about sci-fi TV shows at sci-fi conventions, plus I was exposed to a culture that I knew was there, and just hadn’t explored much, and met lots of awesome people. My son also dived into this world head first, sometimes faster than I could keep up with him, and I think he liked it. The 2012 “tour” will not be the last, but of course I have to make things work cost-wise.
  3. PingCast some pods. It’s not as if I don’t have the time. I need to get back into this. Plans are already afoot, and the day is at hand. Appendages and extremities! That’s where it’s at. On a wider level, I’m going to finish my work on the “timeline” menu for the site, sooner rather than later, and resume putting cool new stuff on the internets. I have a goal of pushing theLogBook back toward respectability rather than has-been-ism. There’s a TV/web video offshoot of the site that I’ve been gestating for too long; now it’s time to get some movement going. Between the books and everything else, it’s time to resume the crazy goal of having all of this trivial knowledge pay off.
  4. I shouldn’t be an oblate spheroid. The planet Jupiter spins so fast that its equator bulges out. I’ve got Jupiter beat – my equator bulges out while I’m standing still (and I’m getting to be big enough that stray comets could collide with me). I need to work on that, the eating part and especially the exercise part. My gut (ha!) feeling is that my eating isn’t out of control (not to say that it couldn’t use some modification), but my not-moving-around-a-lot time is. I mentioned to the Mrs. several times before Christmas that maybe Santa needs to bring me a stationary bike (my thinking being that I can watch some of these shows that I need to “watch for the book” anyway while getting some exercise). Her answer was no – “We don’t have room for something that big.” That’s funny, I’ve been thinking that about myself lately, and I still think the stationary bike is a good idea – I’m rapidly reaching the “easier to ask forgiveness than permission” point of invoking executive privelege.
  5. JupiterKeep fascinating my kid. I have an incredibly bright kid. He and I have had a hell of a year. I’ve been battling a state agency to make sure he got the assistance he needed; I wound up fighting so much inertia on their part that I wanted to walk among these people with something pointy in my hand, screaming “vengeance is mine!” I used to think my mom would become unnecessarily unhinged whenever there was even the slightest hint of someone doing me wrong… now I think I know where that part of her DNA went. The good news is that he’s gotten that help, and he’s doing an outstanding job of reading, and he’s become very interested in science. (During a Christmas get-together with friends, he was regaling the room with a rundown of what elements can be found in the sun – a pretty good party piece for a five-year-old.) I’m trying to expand that fascinating into things like weather, geology, biology, and a basic understand of physics, though sometimes when he’s careening around the house singing a song about planets, he forgets that whole Newtonian action-and-reaction rule applies to him as well, and trips over the dog. He has a brain. He wants to use it. It’s on. There are family members concerned that he’ll be bored with kindergarten and first grade when he’s probably approaching a second-grade acquaintance with science. He’ll still need the fundamentals; the challenge will be in connecting the two. That’ll be my challenge. I never want him to stop being excited by learning new stuff.

These aren’t resolutions. Resolutions are too much like “affirmations” – the magical-fart-of-fairy-dust notion that writing something down will somehow breathe it into existence. These are things for me to shoot for. They require effort, not sitting around, clicking my ruby-slippered heels together, and professing that I do believe in fairies.

I’ll see you on the flip side. Time to get to work. After this message from our sponsor, Sleep.


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