Dark HelmetIt’s not very long (hey, no comments from the peanut gallery), and to be honest I’m a little embarrassed about posting it. You’d think these would be reasonably easy to get. But these are supposedly mass-marketed things that have yet to make an appearance in my neck of the woods. The heck?

By the way, this is just me thinking out loud – I’m not actually expecting anyone to buy me anything. It’s just kind of funny (in an irritating sort of way) that these apparently-common-everywhere-else items are ungettable here. 😆

1. Hot Wheels Atari nostalgia series. Six vehicles, each with artwork from various vintage Atari games. They’re going for something like $30 a set on eBay, which is ridonkulous, but then eBay is also the land of $30 ET carts, so it shouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. I’d be embarrassed to shell out more than ten bucks for the set – but more to the point, I simply haven’t seen them around here, period!


An Atari 2600 van is a dangerous concept. It would’ve been much easier to lure me into that than to try to get me into a van full of candy when I was a kid. :/

2. Hot Wheels Curiosity Mars Rover. More Hot Wheels? Yes. This one is one in a series of one (which is tragic – I’d love for Hot Wheels to cover the entire history of unmanned space flight, but considering how hard it’s been to get a fix on the availability of these around here, maybe it’s just as well that they don’t). I need one of these taking soil samples. In my back yard.


That’s pretty much it, really. Stocking stuffers.

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