Shooting stars and sh…tuff

whooshI spent a lot of time this weekend outside, trying to see the Peresid meteor shower. I was only rewarded with about four sightings, even though I live out in the sticks and can see the Milky Way across the night sky, but one of them looked like it was about to leave a mark. Whew. Exhilarating stuff. Two things brought my meteor-gazing to a halt: the clouds creeping in, and my own Canis Major and Canis Minor deciding that it’s playtime since I was outside.

Many years ago, I wrote and recorded a piece of music that I called Perseids for no readily apparent reason, and I can now report that it fits the experience rather well.


(More sonorous synthesized sounds can be found here.)

Speaking of music, I’ve spent recent weeks delving into the works of Erik Satie. It’s been a while since I “adopted” a classical composer wholesale, but it’s not unknown – in my music directory, Rachmaninoff is right above Radiohead, and Rimsky-Korsakov can be spotted between R.E.M. and the Rolling Stones, probably squirming in his seat the whole time. Actually, what’s happened in the past is that I’ve adopted a lot of Russian composers, totally by coincidence; it wasn’t like I scoured the classical section looking for someone with a vaguely Russian sounding name that I hadn’t heard of before. Apparently I’ve been bumping into Satie for quite a while without realizing it. Contemplative, quitely troubled stuff. That fits the experience of being me rather well at the moment too.

2 thoughts on “Shooting stars and sh…tuff”

  1. I killed two birds with one stone last night, catching up on episodes of Breaking Bad while waiting for the so-called “perfect viewing time” (2AM). When I finally went outside, all I could see was a thick layer of clouds. I couldn’t even see the moon from here, much less any meteors.

  2. If it helps, I can report that seeing real meteors was more fun than playing Meteor Belt* on the TI 99/4a.

    * Meatier than what??

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