Check your Dalek

Late last night, a really goofy thought hit me about an audience participation gag for Glitchcon. It would actually be tied into this year’s Doctor Who season premiere, which – the advance publicity boasts – features every previous model of Dalek from the original series in one strange setting. I’ve now come up with an idea to place Daleks, new and old, in an even stranger (and interactive) setting. Part of me thinks it’s goofy enough that folks might walk by and stare and not have anything to do with the other stuff on the table (that would be bad, since I’m trying to sell books), another part of me thinks it’ll be irresistible (which would be good, because… ooh, look! Books and DVDs! Shiny things for sale!).

Cryptic hint: this is directly related to the image in the blog post before this one.

Stay tuned.

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