Thanks to friends and random strangers who have bought stuff from my recent rounds of eBay auctions, expenses have been met for’s vendor booth at GlitchCon in Bentonville, August 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Glitchcon 2012
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The voices of Mario and Master Chief will be there (now there’s a mix for you), as well as Star Wars & Dune spinoff author Kevin J. Anderson, among many others. Judging by the photo gallery from last year’s event, the cosplaying at GlitchCon is near-legendary. The tagline for the show is “Sci-fi, anime, gaming, steampunk, and much more,” so just about any geek genes you have ought to be tickled here.

I’ll have copies of VWORP!1 and the Phosphor Dot Fossils DVDs at the show, and maybe a few goodies to show off too. See you there!

Another convention appearance closer to home after GlitchCon is also being discussed – stay tuned.

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