Sick kittehs

A visit to the vet with more than one patient is never fun. Or cheap.

Cats at the vet

Olivia has had three seizures in the past three weeks. Her blood work is fine. No idea what’s going on. Best guess at this point is that she had a bad reaction to an application of Frontline.

Oberon has lost another half a pound in the past two weeks. No signs of mites or parasites. I’m worried that he’s finally rounded the corner into “too stupid to live” territory. His personality hasn’t changed, but his energy level is dropping with his weight. I’m very worried about him.

The vet clinic I took them to is presided over by a huge, fluffy cat named Saturn who holds court over the waiting room. Saturn haughtily inspects dogs, and has a wide range of reactions to other cats (he usually hisses at mine).

As I sat waiting for blood work and other test results to be done, Saturn decided he was going to get cozy with me.

Cats at the vet

Really cozy.

Cats at the vet

I think that maybe there’s been a misunderstanding here that I need to address openly. I’m not planning on having any vacancies anytime soon, Saturn. And frankly, so long as you stick around the vet clinic, you’re probably the healthiest cat in the county. I would, however, be willing to work out some kind of time share arrangement if you could, say, help me bring down my vet bill.

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