Daddy’s Dashboard Diner is back in business

Go fork yourselfThe daytime temperatures are hitting the low 100s like a boss. The nighttime temperatures are doing good to get below 80.

It’s time to do some cooking.

In the car.

Tuesday’s Yums
Two pizzas (one pepperoni, one cheese), one chicken cordon bleu, one stuffed pizza stick, peanut butter cookies.

Noonish or thereabouts:
Daddy's dashboard diner

3pm-ish or thereabouts:
Daddy's dashboard diner

Temperature in the car after being closed up for 3+ hours:
Daddy's dashboard diner
…over 150 F, almost 200 F. Just FYI, this is why you don’t leave your kids or pets in the car during the summer. There’s no justification. I don’t care how little time you’re going to spend in there. I’ll smash your freakin’ windows with a brick.

I wonder if the cookies would bake faster…
Daddy's dashboard diner
…if I cleaned my windows.

The pizzas were okay, but this is absolutely the best way I know of to cook these pre-formed chicken cordon bleu thingies. They cook through completely, they’re soft and moist, and they’re just delicious in a way that I can never quite replicate in an oven.

Always check stuff with a meat thermometer, by the way. Always.

Saturday’s Yums
Two pizzas (one pepperoni, one cheese), three pans of chocolate chip cookies.

After only 5-7 minutes under the front window…
Daddy's dashboard diner
…the pizza has already rounded the corner past “thaw” and is barreling down the homestretch to “cook.”

I hope…
Daddy's dashboard diner
…this is enough cookies for everyone.

Forgot to take pictures of the weekend batch; they stayed outside for about 4 1/2 hours, and everything was perfect. Pizzas were well cooked with crispy crust, the cookies were soft but not gooey. Delicious.

Daddy’s Dashboard Diner will be cooking even more in the coming week. What’ll I stick in the car for a few hours next?

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