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Little scrawny feral cat


Little fat feral cat

The tale of the little fat feral cat, as we call her, is a textbook case of why you rescue stray animals. It’s really a best-case scenario, because not only has she survived (after trying to die on us twice in the first month), she has thrived and is a wonderful, beautiful, friendly little kitty. Maria is the Cinderella story of our small herd of cats.

Act 1: They Meet

Portia had been a stray too (and before her, Puck and Obi), but when Maria showed up, she was on death’s door. We did our best to nurse her back to health, help her calm down about being “confined” (really? you’ve got the whole house to roam, kid…), and watched as she quickly became buddy-buddy with the rest of the kitties, namely Olivia and Portia.


She also ballooned in size, which happens with some strays when you give them free choice on food, while their brains are wired to “eat everything you can NOW! because you don’t know when the next meal will come!”

Maria's hangin' out

She also got shaggy, since she was getting too fat to groom herself properly. Getting her shaved has been the best thing for her – she’s lost weight, she can clean herself, and she seems to love being an improbable aerodynamic wonder, like a cat version of a bumblebee.

We love our little fat feral cat. We love all of them, really, but Maria is a special case. This time, we obviously saved a little fuzzy life.

And that’s how you solve a problem like Maria.

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