Sonic screwdriver shown to give you a little bit of scale.

I’ve started a new category for posts about my book-writing endeavours here, and will gradually move all of the VWORP! related posts over to that category so you can follow it all the way back to 2008 when I had the bright idea, “Yeah, I’ll write a book!”

Too tired to come up with anything else tonight, sorry. As I’ve already hinted at on Facebook, I’m hoping to chase down OVGE with a table at Tulsa Trek Expo the following weekend, but they haven’t gotten back to my inquiries as yet, so it’s far from a certain thing. SoonerCon, the largely-literary OKC convention, is the same weekend as OVGE, and my cloning budget’s run dry, so that’s out.

I may try to set up something locally, but at the moment I’m so tired I can barely come up with the juice to think coherently.

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