Flynn'sEvery once in a while, an idea lands in my head from a dream, fully-formed, and I wake up and go “hey, gotta write that one down.” Today I took a nap and had such a revelation.

I stated a while back that I’d had a memoir that started out, at least nominally, as a Phosphor Dot Fossils book, but it just as quickly become something that reached far beyond the parameters of that particular “brand name” (if you can even call it that). It’ll still make many a mention of video games and computers and so on, but it’s not a straight-up video game guidebook of any kind.

What hit me today was the organizational idea for precisely the kind of straight-up video game guidebook that the other book had ceased to be. Ironically, the idea was familiar – I’d actually already seen something similar in a book about pre-’80s rock bands, many, many years ago (we’re talking back when I was in college, mind you), and suddenly that dormant synapse fired and said “Why not apply that organizational strategy to… this project?”

So suddenly the PDF book, that I’ve known for some time that I needed to write, has a shape and a purpose. Something unique that sets it apart from other books on the subject. It’s almost hard to explain – it’s both an organizational concept and a visual concept. The layout will be pretty involved.

Maybe 2014 or 2015, if I haven’t keeled over by then from all the stuff I have to roll out in 2013.

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