CatOne of Little E’s chores that he can earn money for around the house is feeding kitties and doggies. Cat feeding is normally a bit chaotic – you don’t have to feed again for two days because he usually spills as much in the floor as he gets in the bowls. But tonight? Spotless. I was shocked. The following conversation took place:

  • Me: Wow, buddy. You did a very good job of feeding kitties. You didn’t spill any cat food in the floor!
  • E: . . . (awkward pause)
  • Me: You did a great job! I’m very proud of you!
  • E: Dad… I just tooted.
  • Me: And you get to toot on the job! That’s a perk!

If he’s getting the kind of on-the-job perk package where he can fart on the job, do I really need to pay him?

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