PDFIn case you couldn’t tell, this week’s theme is creative endeavours. Even the silly ones. (Sometimes those are the best ones.) As part of that, I’ve undertaken a much-needed revamp of the music page of my blog (as seen in the “music” tab above), which has been mostly broken since the whole indicent earlier this year when my hosting service was hacked into and stuff was deleted wholesale. I’ve now put fresh music files on the server and divided things up by “project”. I’ve done soundtrack projects, I’ve been in short-lived ad-hoc bands of sorts, and I’ve just experimented randomly on stuff. You can now hear bits and bobs from all of these “eras,” including the surprisingly oft-requested music from Phosphor Dot Fossils. I’ll try to get downloadables set up for all of this stuff soonish, since I know the idea of sitting around parked at the page and playing stuff from there is probably a bit behind the times.

Go forth and enjoy.

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