…in which theLogBook.com’s webmaster carries on cranky about the SOPA and PIPA bills, eroding freedom in general, making brownies, volcano observation, making brownies, hacker kiddies, future projects at theLogBook.com, and brownies. Mmmmmm… brownies.

Apologies for sound quality; I’ve got a new(ish) hands-free headset for recording and I still need to work out a few things… like finding a little tiny wind sock for it.

Listen here:

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Heard in this installment:
The word “shit” toward the end – sorry, I got worked up. I also invited whoever hacked my site last week to screw themselves. This may or may not constitute NSFW listening.

“Vic XX” by 8 Bit Weapon (get their new album hereor here)

Selections from The Black Hole soundtrack by John Barry (get the whole thing here)

Get the brownie recipe here… mmmmmm. Brownies.

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