The Tower Guardian?!?Just a quick note – I may be a little bit scarce on the interwebs in the coming week or two because the last reliable desktop machine in my house went belly-up last night. I’m left with the tablet, the MobilePro, a desktop machine that can’t maintain a network connection for crap, an old laptop that has no battery and requires a second person to stand behind the machine holding the power supply cord in the jack at a very specific awkward angle… oh, and the web browser on the Wii. Yay.

As I’m literally expecting to be released from my job at the teevee station almost any day now (with a modest severance payoff to come right behind that), I’m planning on blowing just a little bit of money to buy or build a replacement machine, but it’ll take a little bit of time to get up to speed. All video, writing, graphic design and web projects are “on hold” until then because the equipment I was using to work on them is dead as a doorknob. Bear with me.

There’s new stuff already written for next week – just drop by the site itself to see what the daily special is.

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