Cat hunting season

What’s Xena looking at?


She’s looking at everyone staring out the window. But who are they looking for?

Portia, Little E, Olivia, Puck

Let’s start by figuring out who’s missing from either of the above pictures – ah, of course, it’s Obi! He’s not going to waste a nice day like this inside. Even though he’s a defenseless housecat with the brains of a Snapple lid. Can you spot Obi in this picture?

The cat is out there

No? Well, that’s quite a lot of pasture there. Let’s zoom in on it a bit.

The cat is under there

That’s right… Obi did what any self-respecting loafer would do. He found a shade tree and went to sleep.

Big doofus. I went and retrieved him so he wouldn’t get stepped on by a horse.

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