Scenes from this morning

Believe it or not, little E actually requested this good stuff for breakfast.

Little E's breakfast

While I was slicing up bananas and strawberries for him, I just happened to notice this on the sack that came home with us from last night’s visit to Chick-fil-a:

Little E's dinner

Oh no, not again.

2 thoughts on “Scenes from this morning”

  1. The good news is that we’ll get to see Rose again, right?

    I’m still trying to figure out #2 and #4:

    Na Na Blue fIsh?
    Green splat NV? Is that where they exploded nuclear bombs in Nevada?

  2. we’ll get to see Rose again, right?

    No, no, no. I’m so over Rose. Of course, I was over Rose the moment she left, but I know I’m in the minority there. 😛

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