Oh, it’s ladies’ night…

Olivia and Portia

…the birdwatching’s right, oh what a night.

To really understand the significance of this photo, you have to understand the history of cats in this house. Since she arrived in 2006, Olivia has been the gatekeeper of who stays or who goes, animal-wise. You’d think we humans would get a say, but really, the tiebreaker is Olivia. She wasn’t a big fan of Taxi or her kittens, she liked Taxi’s mom even less while she was here, and she took her sweet time warming up to Puck. The fact that she’s taken to Portia in less than a month – the first female cat she’s ever accepted – is just this side of a miracle.

And there they sit, in the open window, watching birds. I guess Portia’s officially part of the family.

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