The bleezard that froze my leezard

It snowed today. Before that, there were buckets of ice. Hilarity ensued!

I did a pretty good job of doing a U-turn and parking on a sheet of ice. I think I’m ready for that dream job of living in Antarctica, kickin’ back with some penguins and monitoring Mt. Erebus.

The glacier that was my driveway. There’s a reason I parked at the top of it.

Solid ice under my feet. See that? Solid ice. And that’s on an uneven gravel surface. Imagine what the roads are like. See? Hilarity!

The other day I made a big deal about my pasture being cleared for the first time since we’ve lived here. Here it is. Up until you actually hit the dense vegetation in the back, all of this is mine. Mine, I tell you! All of this is also deep-frozen. Obviously no horses yet.

Here’s the seldom-mentioned “little pasture.” It’s kind of a flattened out isoceles triangle that accounts for maybe 2/3 of an acre. It too has been cleared for the first time since late ’03. 2/3 of an acre is bigger than you give it credit for.

Of course, all of this snow and ice and freshly cut pasture land is good for one thing at the moment:

I almost tricked out the forced perspective here. What this photo doesn’t show is that the snow was practically blowing sideways while I took the picture. (You can see a couple of streaks against the model.)

This is in the nicely wasteland-like “little pasture.” Snow, water and fire are notorious for not “miniaturizing” well on film, but it just about works here. (It helps that the model’s a little over a foot tall.)

Close the door, you’re letting all the heat out.

Wonder what this winter storm looked like from space? Check this out.

You can click it to see the original full-size image at

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