So it’s blogging again, is it?

EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHH EHHYou might just have noticed that I’ve been using ye old blawg the past few days. I have my reasons for this. I’m not going to claim that any of them are terribly valid, but follow along in the little book here and turn the page when you hear the funky sound effect.

I’ve been neglecting the blog on my own site, which I already own and therefore won’t ever be charged extra for (I know the guy in charge, we’re got an arrangement), often doing the Facebook thing instead. With every “upgrade” that Facebook foists upon us, I wind up having to reset my privacy settings from “wide open” to “back to the way I damn well want them” all over again. With the persistent rumor that Facebook plans on turning everyone’s photos into a facial recognition database… I’ve gotta be honest. I foresee a day when I’ll be deleting my Facebook account completely, and the party guilty of convincing me to do so will be Facebook itself. I’m a pretty private person, and I’m increasingly finding myself at complete philosophical odds with the “you will share everything, no matter how private you really want to be” mentality that seems to be emanating from Facebook. Maybe the truth is really out and I’m truly too antisocial for a social networking site.

Even my blog may undergo a bit of a transformation. As Little E gets closer to school age, and as he and his generation dip their toes into the internet, I’m keenly aware that there’s some stuff that should vanish into obscurity in his best interests. By the time he’s in first grade, I fully intend to have either the Evan category passworded for close friends and family, or, if I can’t password a single category (hey, they’ve got WordPress add-ons for stranger stuff than that), then the whole blog.

Now, if you’re reading this because you followed the link on Facebook, if you’re an old classmate or a friend from Digital Press or what have you, the good news is, you’ll be more than welcome to tag along. I know it’d be a pain in the ass to have one more password to keep up with (but you use “qwerty1” for everything else, right?), and putting the blog behind a fence like that might be one site too many for folks to bother with. That’s OK – it doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit. I can relate.

For now, though, I’m going to try to do some more stuff in the blog. Also, be on the lookout for more podcasting – so much so that I’m setting up the podcast as its own entity away from Scribblings, over here. The separate section for the podcast will give it its own RSS feed, which is kind of useful when it comes to casting one’s pods out into the world.

I don’t know when all the big changes will happen… it’ll just be whenever Zuckerberg and his stooges finally piss me off enough. 😆

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