It’s Puck Day!

It’s Puck Day! A year ago today, my new kitty literally came and found me at work.


Puck & Evan

Puck & Oberon

Puck & Evan

While I get a little frustrated with Puck still thinking he’s an alley cat (he gets into anything edible that’s left out in the house), he’s such a good-natured, laid-back kitty – even with a three-old spazzing out nearby – that it’s a fair trade. He’s just the best little black cat in the world.

One thought on “It’s Puck Day!”

  1. I also have a black kitty…his name is Tadpole…and I would argue your point about your being the “best little black cat in the world” except that, for now at least, mine is a real little stinker!

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