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Whatever happened to VWORP!, the Doctor Who guide I was supposedly going to have ready in time for OVGE next month? What, this little thing?

Short explanation: setting an arbitrary deadline of October 23rd without having an effective way to block off time every single day to work on the thing was unimaginably stupid. It’s still in the works, but a week before Halloween? Ha! Not gonna happen. Actually, it’s pretty close, but close enough to proof and get printed by October 23rd, it ain’t.

I’m not going to set a deadline I can’t stick to, but let’s just say that I do have high hopes for “in time for Christmas”. That timeframe also eliminates some logistical hurdles which would’ve had an effect on the content (he said vaguely).

You may also have noticed that the book isn’t VWORP! anymore, but VWORP!1:

And that sorta hints that VWORP!2 will be en route afterward. Which, with any luck, it might be – sometime in 2011, hopefully in time to make a showing at Tulsa Trek Expo.

What on earth will VWORP!2 cover? In a nutshell: aside from everything televised that VWORP!1 didn’t cover, VWORP!2 will cover two closely-related media that sprang up in the absence of televised Doctor Who between 1989 and 2005: the fan-made semi-pro video productions (such as the Auton series, Downtime, and so on) and the audio adventures produced by entities such as Big Finish, the BBC itself, and BBV.

This leaves VWORP!3 to handle such things as the Virgin and BBC Doctor Who novels, Doctor Who Magazine’s Doctor Who comics, and other print iterations of the Doctor’s adventures. Don’t look for VWORP!3 before 2013.

And all of this activity happens alongside any Phosphor Dot Fossils books that happen along the way, one of which I’m already working on. In 2012 I’m hoping to have another book out dealing with another sci-fi series that I’m known for going on and on about.

As for what I’ll be doing at OVGE next month, that’s easy: selling stuff. I am working on something for everyone to enjoy, an “OVGE exclusive” if you will. Still not sure what form it’ll take media-wise, but it’ll be neato. It’ll also make a little more sense for something being shown off at a video game convention than Doctor Who would have.

I wonder what I’m gonna do in my spare time? Hmmmmm. While we’re pondering that, let’s get that first book or two out of the way, shall we?

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