Vworp speed ahead

I’ve decided to go ahead and nail down an initial release date for the first edition of VWORP!, and it’s a pretty unlikely date indeed. This is subject to change, of course, but as I’ve already put quite a bit of work in on it, I’m aiming to have the book out in time for OVGE on October 23rd of this year.

Wait, OVGE? What? Here’s my thought process. The only science fiction convention I’d have a shot at hitting from this particular location is Tulsa Trek Expo, which is this weekend. (The book will not be ready this weekend.) There’s also OKC’s SoonerCon, which has already happened this year – and which I had never heard of until after it had happened this year.

OVGE isn’t exactly a science fiction con, but it is an event that I have been a long-standing exhibitor at (it started in 2003 and I’ve only missed one year of it), and let’s face it: with a retro-skewing video game convention, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to have some spill-over into other areas of geek magnificence, such as science fiction. OVGE’s probably a pretty safe bet, actually. 😆

And here’s the other neat thing: debuting VWORP! at OVGE also decides what my booth’s going to be about this year! I’ll still be carrying the usual DVDs (Phosphor Dot Fossils, Classic Gaming Expo), but the focus of the display this year will fit in with the book. I’ll be bringing some classic Doctor Who video games, as well as the latest ones, to show off and display. I’ve already begun testing the older games on the older laptops that otherwise sit around the house and collect dust, and I think we’re in pretty good shape.

I might bring an Odyssey2 to play Attack Of The Timelord! just for giggles too. Even though, yes, I know, it’s not that kind of Time Lord. But people would start checking my pulse and wondering if I’m a pod person if I didn’t bring an Odyssey2 to OVGE.

Kent’s already demanded OVGE weekend off from work, so of course he’ll be there with me. And he and I can both talk your frakkin’ ears off about Doctor Who.

So that’s the plan: to have the book finished, printed, and have copies of it for sale at the show. If you want it signed for some unknown reason, I can probably do that for you too. (Not going to be in Tulsa in October? Don’t worry – I’ll probably have things set up with Lulu.com or another similar entity to handle ordering.) Updates about this project can be found in “theLogBook.com Media / Other Projects” area of theLogBook.com’s forums. But I’ll probably blog about ’em too.

So there you go: you’re wondering who the guy is who’s daft enough to debut a book about a science fiction show at a non-science-fiction video game convention? That’d be me.

It’s June 24th, I’ve got ’till October 23rd. I think I better quit blogging and get to work.

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