… has been made by me, and you can enjoy (or, perhaps more appropriately, endure) it here. It’s just me playing some music that I liked from last year. Unfortunately, it’s also me rambling on without a script, “ah”-ing and “um”-ing a lot, and sounding like deep fried crap because my allergies were giving me trouble that day. (The whole thing was recorded several weeks ago, but honestly, I’ve been sitting on it since then and pondering whether or not it would be possible for me to make it suck less. Ultimately I decided the answer was “probably not, this is me we’re talking about here.”)

I’ll leave it up for about a week or so (it takes up a reasonable amount of space on the server). Download it to your iPod or ther vowel-prefixed pod of choice, and enjoy the tunes, because God knows they’re a lot more enjoyable than the rambling! Hours 3-5 are soundtracks, and hours 1-2 are… not soundtracks.

In other news of the highly inadvisable, theLogBook.com now has forums. They’re kinda low-key, and at the moment, mostly me talking to myself – not unlike the blog here. It’s really there to provide a sounding board for the site’s content, as well as pleasantly random chatter traffic, since 99% of the site uses WordPress strictly as a CMS with comments disabled. Well, now you can comment if you’re so inclined. It’s subdivided into – more or less – the same areas of interest as theLogBook.com itself.

Enjoy! Or endure. Depends on how you look at it.

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