Oh, Facebook sidebar ads, now I know you’re screwing with me.

In other news, the Avid lives! I’ll be picking it up this weekend, in what will almost certainly be the least stressful thing I do all weekend. I’m looking forward to having it back home and working – especially since we’re having more cold nights and I could use some heat in my room. 🙄

One other thing – admittedly very geeky – that has brought a smile to my face is this prop replica made by a friend who usually turns his talents to customizing action figures and the like:

…give up? This is, of course, a shockingly good replica of an original Blake’s 7 teleport bracelet. About 23 years ago, I would’ve proudly worn this thing out in public. 😆 For now, I’ll settle on displaying it next to my HAL-9000 prop… at least until Jump Cut City goes back into production (oh, the screen time this thing would have gotten back then). Many thanks to Hoosier Whovian.

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