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Evan and Puck

Evan stayed home today to get over some serious problems that his latest round of antibiotics have given him. His ear infection from a month ago appeared to be making a comeback, and so the same antibiotic was prescribed, but in an increased dose; this really seemed to play hell with the little guy’s body. You know something’s wrong when a kid who’ll happily eat everything in sight is suddenly eating nothing. Backing off on the dose did nothing to help, and just left him with rampant diarrhea; we’ve gotten the pediatrician to prescribe something a bit less gung-ho, because at this point the ear infection almost seems like the least of our problems when we have a dehydrated kid who doesn’t want to eat. Luckily, little E is quite a trouper – he’s still cheerful and happy, mainly because he got to stay home with dad today.

Puck is recuperating from a double-whammy operation, being neutered and front-declawed in the same day. He came home with a clean bill of health, and has been behaving normally; his brother and sister are very solicitous of his welfare since he’s been home. I’ve had to remind Evan that his usual borderline-rough-housing with Puck is off the table. And yet Puck wants nothing more than to cuddle up with the boy. The folks at the animal clinic were more than happy to hand him back to me; apparently Puck didn’t lose his claws (and his outboard kitten-manufacturing gear) without a fight. I get the impression that the claws were used one more time before he had to give them up.

That’s my boys, both of ’em. It was a good day to stay home with my little guys, especially with the warm-enough-to-open-windows sunny day we had.

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